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Twitter explores subscriptions to reduce reliance on advertising

Twitter Baseread

Not so excited about Twitter ads? Obviously, neither is Twitter. Bloomberg sources said that the social network is exploring subscriptions and even tips to reduce its dependence on targeted advertising.

According to reports, several ideas are being considered, including the mysterious “Rogue One” subscription, charging additional fees for Tweetdeck, or requesting premiums for features such as advanced profile customization.

The tip option allows you to purchase special content from people you follow, such as a detailed analysis of the latest news. Bruce Falck, head of revenue products at Twitter, acknowledged the basic considerations in a statement to Bloomberg, although he did not confirm any specific details. He said that the company is studying “revenue persistence” options that may involve subscriptions, but this is a “very early exploration” and may not bring substantial revenue in 2021.

Twitter Baseread

A few days after Twitter purchased the newsletter creation service Revue and explored options such as the newsletter subscription button, news of potential paid options emerged, although there is no indication that Twitter plans to charge for the newsletter.

Twitter may not be the only social media giant exploring paid services. Although Facebook said it will always have a free version, it clearly opened the door to a paid model.

In any case, there is a clear motivation to view subscriptions. Like other technology companies, subscriptions can provide a stable source of income for Twitter, regardless of market fluctuations. However, it may have to strike a careful balance-if there are any subscriptions to eliminate or reduce ads, advertisers may not like it.

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