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Twitter allows iOS users to record their voices for tweets

Twitter is testing a new iOS feature that allows you to tweet with voice. Starting Wednesday, certain iOS users can use this new feature and allow you to write audio tweets for up to 140 seconds using voice. People will be able to click and listen to your voice tweets.

Twitter said in a Twitter article announcing the feature: “Using text can say a lot of words or not explain it, so we hope that voice tweets can create more humanistic experiences for listeners and storytellers.”

Twitter said that all iOS users will use the feature in the coming weeks. Digital Trends contacted Twitter to find out when Android users will get the feature. We will update this story in response.

How to use voice tweets?

Twitter allows iOS users

  • Open Tweet Composer and you will see a new icon at the bottom left, the wavelength.
  • Tap the wavelength and you will see a profile photo with a record button at the bottom.
  • Tap your photo to record your voice.
  • Click the “Finish” button to end the recording, and then return to the composer screen to tweet.
  • If your time limit runs out, this feature also allows you to start a new voice tweet and automatically create a voice tweet thread. Editor’s Choice

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