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Twitch streamer Tim The Tatman Twitch moves to YouTube Gaming 2021

Tim The Tatman Twitch

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Tim “Tim the TatMan Twitch” Betar, is leaving to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming. Another big streaming star, Ben Lupo, also announced a move from Twitch to YouTube just a few days ago. On September 2nd, Betar will be streaming its first video.

Twitch’s 7 million followers will be lost because Betar is leaving that platform. The YouTuber already has 3.8 million subscribers, so he doesn’t need to start from scratch. The terms of the deal between YouTube and Betar were not disclosed.

Tim The Tatman Twitch

He told Insider that he will now have more time to spend with his family. The first year I started [streaming], I had no family obligations, and I had lots of hours to devote to it,” he told Insider.

Lupo also said that the YouTube Gaming deal he was presented with would give him more family time and give him “security for life.” With a wife and a son, it’s hard to stream as much as he did before.

Tim The Tatman Twitch

It seems YouTube Gaming may be working harder to get big names to play on the platform after Betar and Lupo switch from YouTube. Streamlabs says YouTube Gaming still has far fewer hours watched than Twitch, so the signings could help YouTube close the gap.

An acknowledgement of the move came from Twitch, which tweeted a montage of Betar including his famous win over the Fall Guys.

Tim The Tatman Twitch

“It has helped teach Tim The Tatman Twitch a lot, whether it be marriage to his love of life and welcoming the Tatman heir to the throne, or achieving his first Fall Guys crown,” a Twitch spokesperson said in a statement. Our community is proud of Tim’s contributions to gaming, and we have enjoyed being a part of his community.”

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