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Twitch still provides features that YouTube uses


Streamers on Twitch will find a few familiar features today on YouTube’s live-streaming platform. It will be possible for streamers to limit their chats to subscribers only, to create polls inside their chats, and to create clips from popular gaming streams.

It’s been a long time since Twitch included these features, and they’re all useful to streamers for engaging with their communities. This provides streamers with another tool to encourage viewers to pay, weeding out those who might just stumble across the stream. Limiting chats to subscribers only can also act as a moderation tool by weeding out people who are just popping in. 

Streamers can use polls to engage streamers in chatrooms that are often noisy and chaotic, giving them an outlet for asking for feedback on what they should do.

Clips are also a useful discovery tool. Twitch‘s clipping tool lets fans pick out and share highlights of a live stream; most people won’t watch a multi-hour stream. This can help a stream attract new viewers.

Image via Twitch Blog

YouTube limits clips to gamers with more than 1,000 subscribers, though it says it will soon extend the feature to everyone. A limited number of creators have tested clips, as well as chat features, until now.

Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming have been growing while Twitch continues to be the leader in live-streaming. 

Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet have observed that YouTube is likely to hold roughly a quarter of the market in terms of hours watched by 2020, while Twitch is projected to hold about two thirds. It will take YouTube some time to catch up, but by adding features like these, they can greatly help streamers and help them grow.

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