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Twitch has been testing a rewind button


Twitch is great for watching things unfold live, but I have longed to scrub back to catch a moment or something I missed.

Twitch is currently testing a Rewind button with a few people, so it may have a solution to that problem soon.

According to Twitch, the stream will be rewinded two minutes back when you press the button. If you miss anything, you can watch it at a different speed, as with any other Twitch VOD (video on demand).

Rewinding will still allow you to watch the stream, thanks to a picture-in-picture window that appears above the chat. It will not be possible to use the rewind button if the streaming service does not offer VODs.

Twitch reports that about a quarter of viewers will be able to test the rewind button in the coming days.

Two other buttons are also being tested by Twitch. According to the company, you can use the Remind Me button to be reminded of upcoming live streams. If a streamer has a channel trailer, clicking the watch trailer button lets you watch it.

It is expected that these buttons will be tested “over the next month.” Once the testing is completed, the buttons will be removed.

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