You are currently viewing Trump said that if they do not stop the violent protest, he will deploy military to the states

Trump said that if they do not stop the violent protest, he will deploy military to the states

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President Trump escalated speech during a severe national crisis on Monday, threatening to deploy US forces to cities or states that do not take “necessary” actions to stop violent protests, saying the armed forces will “resolve the problem quickly.”

Trump’s remarks in the Rose Garden were just across the street, and law enforcement officers deployed tear gas and fired rubber bullets to force scattered peaceful protesters. Washington DC has set a curfew at 7 pm on Monday. ET.

President Trump

The protesters were removed from the Lafayette Square area opposite the White House, apparently clearing the way for the president to take the road to St. John’s Church, where he briefly poses for the photographer and holds the Bible. On Sunday evening, part of the church was destroyed by the mob.

The White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said in a statement: “Expand the border to help implement the same area where rioters tried to burn one of our country’s oldest churches last night at night 7 Curfews ordered. Protesters issued three warnings from the US Park Police.

Trump’s speech lasted less than seven minutes after dozens of cities in the United States held numbers after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police detention in Minneapolis a week ago. Day protests.

In his speech, Trump, the Republican Party, declared himself “President of the Security” and “Ally of All Peaceful Protesters”, but he called the violent unrest that accompanied many demonstrations “family terror.”

President D. Trump

Trump said: “These are not peaceful protests. This is a family terrorist activity. The destruction of innocent lives and the spread of innocent blood are offenses against humanity and crimes against God.

Trump said he had mobilized tens of thousands of “fully armed” military personnel to end the protests, which were caused by law enforcement agencies’ criticism of excessive use of force.

However, it is unclear what exact changes may be made to the person responding to the national demonstrations.

Anonymous hackers threatened to “expose many crimes of the Minneapolis police”

The Ministry of Justice said in a statement that it has deployed all law enforcement agencies and coordinated with the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and local authorities to “maximize the federal government throughout [the District of Columbia] The presence of the security department.].”

Governors who threatened to refuse to deploy the National Guard were threatened. Trump said he would send US troops “to solve the problem quickly for them.”

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