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Top Italian Doctor says Coronavirus losing potency


A senior Italian doctor said that the new coronavirus is losing its potency or effectiveness and its lethality is greatly reduced. Alberto Zangrillo, head of the Milano San Rafael Hospital in Milan, Lombardy, said: “In fact, this virus no longer exists in Italy.”

He told RAI TV on Sunday: “The swabs performed in the past 10 days showed a certain amount of viral load, which is the smallest compared to the swabs performed one or two months ago.

Since the outbreak on February 21, Italy has the third-largest number of deaths in the world, second only to Covid-19, killing 33,415. It is the sixth-highest case in the world with a total of 233,019.


However, the number of new infections and deaths declined steadily in May, and the country is relaxing some of the strictest blockade restrictions imposed across the continent.

Mr. Zangrilo said that some experts are too vigilant about the prospect of the second wave of infections, and politicians need to consider new realities.

He said: “We must return to a normal country.” “Someone must be responsible for the terrorist attack on the country.

Coronavirus Tips: How to Protect yourself from COVID-19?

The Italian government urged caution, saying it was too early to win. Sandra Zampa, deputy minister of health Italy, said: “Scientific evidence is being provided to support the assertion that the virus has disappeared… I will invite people who say they are confident they will not confuse the Italians.

“We should invite Italians to exercise the utmost care, keep our bodies alienated, avoid large groups of people, wash our hands frequently, and wear masks.”

Another doctor from northern Italy told the National ANSA News Agency that he also saw the coronavirus weaken. Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious diseases clinic at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, said: “The intensity of the virus two months ago was different from the intensity it has today.”

Covid-19 disease is different today.

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