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Top 5 Features of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

South Korean company Samsung has recently launched its Galaxy S20 series. Under this, a powerful smartphone named Galaxy S20 Ultra has been launched. The price is about $ 1,399. This price is off its base variant. At the same time, its 512 GB storage variant costs $ 1,599, it is around the price of the iPhone.

Now for the users, what is special in this phone, we are telling you here. Here we are giving you information about the top 5 unique features of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which you will like very much.

Galaxy S20 Ultra has 16 GB RAM

This phone has 8 GB, not 10 GB, not 12 GB but 16 GB RAM. In such a situation, it will not be wrong to say that the company has tried to give users an ultra experience.

Due to this, users will not have to face the problem of hanging or lagging on the phone. Repeatedly moving from one app to another will not cause any trouble on the phone. The more RAM you have, the better the phone will work better and faster.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Rear Camera

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108MP Camera is Typical

This feature makes the phone different from everyone. This phone has a 108-megapixel camera. In this, the company has used the ISOCELL Bright HM sensor. This is somewhat different from the HMX sensor.

This sensor has been given in the 108-megapixel camera given in Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Nona Binding feature has also been made available on the phone. In this phone, Samsung has given an individual pixel size of 0.8-micron. This feature binds them in 3 × 3 pixels. This simply means that it combines 9 pixels into one.

100x Hybrid Space Zoom

A special feature in the phone is 100x hybrid zoom capability. The company has named it Space Zoom. It is a combination of optics, sensor cropping, pixel binding, and processing power. This makes the closure photo-quality look great.

8K Video Recording

This phone offers video recording up to 8K. Through this phone, you can not only record 8K videos at 24 frames per second. Rather, it can also stream Samsung 8K QLED TVs directly.

40-megapixel Selfie Camera

Everyone has a craze for the selfie camera. The company has given a professional touch to this hobby. This phone has a 40-megapixel front sensor which will provide better picture quality.

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