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Tinder allows you to block people by phone number


Several young people are getting back into the dating pool after months of lockdown after hot girl summer 2021, and Tinder is making it easier to avoid old flings (and the awkward feelings that inevitably follow).

Your phone’s contact book can be blocked from displaying people when you swipe using its Block Contacts feature.

You will not be able to see anyone on the platform that you’ve added to the app’s blocklist.


Contacts that have not yet joined Tinder can be blocked, so you won’t be surprised by other users. If you’d like to check it out, it can be found under the profile settings menu.

You can also block ex-partners, coworkers, and professors on Tinder if you want to avoid seeing them.

Tinder’s cheating feature might also be used for other reasons, but even if not everyone uses it in the way the company intended, it should at least help make dating online a bit more enjoyable.

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