You are currently viewing TikTok is hoping the new tools will make live broadcasts kinder, gentler

TikTok is hoping the new tools will make live broadcasts kinder, gentler

TikTok wants to encourage livestreaming, so it has created a more friendly environment for hosts. A range of new tools aimed at promoting kindness is being introduced by the social video giant.

You’ll now see an alert if TikTok deems a comment “potentially injurious or unkind.” You still have the option to continue, but TikTok hopes you’ll reconsider attacking someone privately.

This will also increase the power of the hosts. You can focus on your streaming rather than muting or blocking trolls if you assign a moderator beforehand. There are now up to 200 entries available in the keyword filter.

TikTok hopes new tools will improve its live broadcasts

During the upcoming weeks, you’ll also be able to mute viewers and users will be able to delete their comments. It is possible for a person who committed a relatively minor offense to turn things around.

The focus is also on improved discovery. As part of an upcoming feature, the For You and Following pages will make it easier for you to find livestreams, as well as provide quicker access to top and recommended live videos.

TikTok also recently introduced tools to schedule hosts, picture-in-picture viewing, and a “Go Live Together” feature that enables two users to broadcast simultaneously.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that livestreams are being prioritized. Livestreaming has been a popular feature for some of TikTok’s biggest events, and the number of users who host and watch live video has doubled over the past year.

Among the acts who performed via the platform were The Weeknd. Despite TikTok’s core business of looping videos, the company is more than eager to challenge Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms where live video is also growing in popularity.

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