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TikTok deleted more than 300,000 videos about election misinformation


According to a transparency report on Wednesday, TikTok removed more than 340,000 videos in the United States that violated the platform’s rules regarding election false information, manipulation, or false information.

A few months before the 2020 presidential election, TikTok announced that it will be paired with fact-checking organizations as part of a broader effort to combat election and COVID-19 misinformation.

At the time of the announcement, TikTok was under tremendous pressure from the Trump administration and lawmakers due to its alleged relationship with the Chinese government.

Microsoft and Oracle are among the companies bidding for ownership of TikTok from the Chinese company ByteDance. The final transaction between Oracle and TikTok is still shelved.


“TikTok is a diverse global community driven by creative expression. Michael Beckerman, TikTok’s vice president and head of U.S. public policy, said in a statement on Wednesday: “We are committed to maintaining a Feel the safe environment to create, find community and entertain. “We are committed to maintaining the transparency of platform security because it helps build trust and understanding of the community. ”

In addition to the videos deleted for violating election rules, TikTok announced on Wednesday that it has removed more than 441,000 videos from the platform’s recommendation algorithm or “page for you” to spread misinformation. Shortly before the 2020 general election, TikTok launched an election guide supported by BallotReady, a voting information tool.

The guide is on the “discovery” page, along with election-related videos, hashtags, and political accounts. It has been visited 18,000,000 times.

During the 2020 US general election, TikTok also deleted 1,750,000 “used for automation” accounts. The transparency report reads: “Although it is not clear whether any accounts are specifically used to expand election-related content, it is important to delete this group of accounts to protect the platform at this critical moment,”

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