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TikTok Debuts Its First AR Effect to Use LiDAR in iPhone 12 Pro Models


TikTok introduced the first augmented reality effect to take advantage of the LiDAR technology in the iPhone 12 Pro device. The effect is shared on TikTok’s official Twitter account, celebrating the new year with golden balloons and confetti explosions, reacting to the presence of real objects in the environment.

LiDAR Scanner was first launched on the iPad Pro in March 2020. Since being expanded to ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ and iPhone 12 Pro Max, LiDAR Scanner is a small sensor that uses 3D sensing technology to measure the distance between objects five meters away from the surrounding area distance.

Using the technology’s API, developers can create enhanced augmented reality experiences and take advantage of unique features in their applications, such as the ability to measure a person’s height instantly.

In TikTok‘s new AR effect, the behavior of virtual confetti makes it look like it is actually in the room because it gently falls on the person’s arm and the furniture around him.

TikTok said that except for a few countries/regions, AR filters are being promoted globally and are only the first of the “more innovative effects” that will appear this year.

Snapchat is one of the first applications to use the “iPhone 12 Pro” LiDAR scanner AR. According to a recent supply chain report, Apple is expected to extend its LiDAR technology to the entire iPhone 13 series in 2021, not just the Pro and Pro Max models.

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