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Tiktok changed text-to-speech voice after voice actor trial


Tiktok has changed the voice over her content-to-discourse highlight, only weeks after an entertainer recorded a claim professing to be the first voice, expressing that she had never consented to show up in the application.

New voices have been appearing in Tikkok for the past few days – often commenting on changes in people’s videos. It sounds somewhat more energetic and upbeat, making a totally different energy than the past voice’s amusing droning. This feature allows TickTok users to type text and then read it aloud on their videos, and is often used as a narrator.

This new sound appears to be a response to a lawsuit filed against Bittdance, the owner of TickTock, earlier this month. Voice actor Bev Standing claimed that she was the voice behind Tiktok’s text-to-speech feature and that she never agreed to work with the company.

@wannabe.fairyPLEASE TIKTOK WHAT IS THIS ##fyp ##texttospeech

♬ Castaways – The Backyardigans

Standing stated that he had made a voice recording used for translation, but did not authorize the use of his voice beyond that specific example.

The lawsuit concerns the English-language voice used in North America. Videos made before the change still have older vocals.

Tittock has not yet commented on Standing’s lawsuit or new voice. But this week’s changes show that the company is taking his case seriously.

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