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TikTok asks the court to block the U.S. ban from taking effect


TikTok asks the court to block the U.S. ban from taking effect

  • TikTok is seeking a preliminary injunction before the Trump administration’s ban takes effect on Sunday.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Commerce postponed its plan to implement a ban that would prevent new downloads of the TikTok app by one week.

The deadline was set due to the owner’s negotiation of an agreement with the government, Oracle, and Walmart. It was postponed to the next Sunday.

On Wednesday afternoon, TikTok followed WeChat and applied for a preliminary injunction banning the ban, requesting a hearing before 11:59 pm on September 27.


Last weekend, WeChat requested and obtained an injunction prohibiting the ban, and in TikTok’s request, the company stated that “there is no reasonable reason to insist on the immediate enforcement of the ban.”

As pointed out by TechCrunch, ByteDance and Oracle’s public reports differ in terms of the proposed transaction, and the president issued a public statement saying that if the Chinese company retains partial ownership of the application, he will not approve any transaction. ByteDance has approved an export license in China to facilitate the transaction.

NPR reporter Bobby Allyn issued a statement submitted by Vanessa Pappas, the new CEO of TikTok, which clarified many of her arguments about injuries.

The CEO pointed out that even if the application is banned, even if it is later restored, it may cause harm, including an explanation of what happened when the application was banned in India.

TikTok also argued that this pending action has resulted in millions of dollars in business transaction losses and dozens of prospective employees refused to join the company.

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