This is Harley-Davidson’s first electric bike

Harley-Davidson (Harley-Davidson) first foray into the electric bicycle market is Sequence 1, which is a stylish two-wheeled mechanical equipment, scheduled to go on sale in March 2021.

Sequence 1 has white tires, a relatively thin black frame, brown leather seats, and lightweight tires. Logo, and a flexible brown chain from the pedal to the rear wheel.

The new ebike comes from the Serial 1 Cycle Company, which is the Harley-Davidson brand, derived from an internal R&D program.

Led by President Jason Huntsman, Vice President Ben Lund, and other Harley-Davidson veterans. After executives showed off three prototypes at the company’s annual dealer meeting in August 2019, we learned that Harley-Davidson is working on some kind of electric bike program.

There is no news about the price of Serial 1, but its price may be around several thousand dollars. Harley-Davidson predicts that the electric bicycle market will grow significantly in the next few years.


According to today’s press release, its value in 2019 has exceeded $15 billion. The countdown on the “Serial 1” website will end on November 16, which is likely to appear when the reservation and pricing information goes online.

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