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The Suspected Apple Watch prototype is disguised as a Tiny iPod

Apple Prototype

The suspected Apple Watch prototype is disguised as a Tiny iPod

Apple Prototype

Is this the actual Apple Watch prototype in one of the secret “security cases” that the Apple Watch sometimes uses during daytime gadget testing? We cannot say. Either way, this compact iPod is offensive, and if it’s true, it’s a joke.

You will see that the sixth-generation iPod nano inspired many people to try to use the small square as a watch, including The Verge’s own editor-in-chief Nilay Patel. When the Apple Watch came out, some designers reversed this idea with iPod-shaped Apple Watch cases, and you can buy some of them.

In April of this year, we learned that the first Apple Watch prototype was an iPod nano strapped to a wristband. Apple has always been like this.

Therefore, if these photos are legal and valid, then this joke is still valid inside Apple HQ, and we are looking for some kind of homage to the original photos.

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