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The release time of Halo Infinite version is adjusted to fall 2021

Halo Infinite

After a disappointing unveiling earlier this year, Microsoft postponed plans to make Halo Infinite the launch title for the new Xbox console and focused on adding much-needed visual effects.

Now, as part of the 343-day event, the development team has shared many screenshots of the game and announced plans to release Halo Infinite next fall.

Jason Staten, a Bungie veteran in charge of products at 343 Industries, wrote at the beginning and end of the blog post that the article shows some impressive static images, including improved models for Spartan heroes, maps-including our first attempt. The map is shown on the human game-and various weapons.

Halo Infinite

They even launched an attack on “Craig”, the enemy looked flat and terrible, so that his brief appearance in the original Infinity trailer became a meme. According to Art Management Director Neill Harrison, “The facial animation on NPC was not fully implemented in this version, which resulted in Craig’s dead ends/ lifeless expressions… There is further work on the fidelity of the texture, and the addition of Brute With more types of faces, we are also working hard to add some hairstyles and beards, something that we have not involved since July. Therefore, although we have fallen in love with our dear old Craig, he is sure It is undergoing a major renovation.”

At the same time, Ani Shastry, the development manager of the graphics team, pointed out: “The main areas of improvement include better overall lighting quality, ambient light occlusion, shadows, volumetric lighting, sky, and atmosphere.”

You should read the entire article to understand other aspects. Which changes should make Halo Infinite feel completely different from an artistic and technical point of view, and can explain why it was postponed for a whole year.

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