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The ‘Pokemon Unite’ update levels the playing field for mobile lovers

Pokemon Unite is getting an update weeks after it launched on the Switch. In this free-play battle arena game, two teams of five players are pitted against one another in ten-minute battles. The Unite update aims to adjust the balance of battles in advance of its arrival on mobile devices in September. 

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The changes to over a dozen Pokemon’s stats include a reduction in attack damage and HP restoration and a fix for bugs. They include Fire-breathing Dragon, Talonflame, Venusaur, Absol, Wigglytuff, Eldegoss, Cinderace, Gengar, Zeraora, Cramorant, Machamp, Lucario, Greninja, and Alolan Ninetails.

At 3 AM ET on August 4th, the update will be released. You can also expect a special test release in the coming weeks for the spectate feature. The full patch notes can be found via the link above.

The Switch will be able to play the game on smartphones as well, so players will have both mobile and Switch releases to look forward to next month.

The Nintendo Account and Pokémon Trainer Club accounts enable gamers to save their game data and progress across multiple devices.

In the Pokemon Unite update, mobile gamers now have a chance to compete on an equal footing.

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