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The old Google Pay Android app loses P2P remittance and April transaction records

Google pay

At the end of last year, Google launched an improved Google Pay experience in the United States based on the Indian Tez app. Google now warns that from April, earlier versions of the Google Pay app on Android, iOS, and the web will no longer be able to send and receive money.

The process of migrating from the previous Google Pay app to the updated experience is confusing. We encourage Android and iOS users to install separate Flutter-based apps and transfer their funds to the new app for rewards and more. At the same time, Google announced that it would close the collection function of the web application.

This afternoon, Google has issued a notice to users who use the old version of the Google Pay application, informing them that starting from April 5th, the old version of Android, iOS, and web applications will no longer be able to transfer, receive and transfer money.

At that time, any remaining balance in your Google Pay account will need to be accessed using the updated application or manually transferred to your bank account by Google support staff.

Google pay
Google pay

Likewise, the old Google Pay app will no longer be able to display your recent activities and transactions. Although it sounds like the original Android Google Pay app has actually expired, it should still be able to access your digital wallet, including your credit/debit card, membership card, and bus pass.

Even if you use the new Google Pay experience, the wallet access of the old version of the app on Android is still useful, because the new Google Pay can only be used on one device at a time.

The timing of the migration is particularly interesting because the upgraded Google Pay application is still listed as “early access” in the Play Store. It is unclear whether the application will be upgraded to the “early access” version before the deadline in April, or how these changes will affect areas where the new Google Pay cannot even be used.

In addition to the migration to the new Google Pay application, April 5th also marks the effective date of Google Pay’s new terms of service. Although most of the changes are relatively uninteresting, it should be noted at least in the United States-that the minimum age to have a Google Pay account has changed from 16 to 18.

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