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The Next Big Thing in Streamlabs Launches Monthly Tipping Service


Livestreaming software company Streamlabs, owned by Logitech, is launching a monthly tipping service as an alternative means for streamers to earn money from their fans.

A Streamlabs Creator Subscription is a subscription service that offers streamers flexibility in what they are able to offer subscribers, and the subscriptions are integrated directly into the OBS software suite for streaming to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Will Streamlabs Launches Monthly Tipping Service Ever Rule the World?

Lab’s Creator Subscription appears to be about as straightforward as the company’s older donation tools or the tipping feature it already offered. Setting specific subscription prices and enabling or disabling monthly tips can be done within the settings.

Viewers can also tip any amount they want and receive redeemable tip notifications during a stream. It’s not company that takes a cut from tips; creators receive the money directly in their PayPal accounts. However, the payments are subject to payment processing fees.


Lab’s feature may be another way for streamers to earn money off their work, especially compared to Twitch’s 50 percent cut of subscription revenue – offered exclusively to Twitch Partners.

In comparison, “Streamlabs Creator Subscription is open for anyone with a Lab tip page, regardless of size or how often they stream,” according to Ashray Urs, Company’s head of product.

Company’s relative openness has, however, come with its own set of problems. Ashray Urs, Streamlabs’ head of product, says that the Creator Subscription is open to anyone with a Streamlabs tip page regardless of size or frequency of streaming. He points out that the company has had problems moderating less savory use of its payment features.

Payment managers rather than payment processors, such as PayPal, have some built-in distance between them and the things their products are used for.

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