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The new Galaxy Labs update allows you to adjust your phone’s CPU cooling

New Galaxy Lab

Samsung’s device optimization application suite Galaxy Labs has undergone a considerable update to version The existing Galaxy Labs apps/modules have been updated with new features, and Samsung has also released two new Galaxy Labs apps called Memory Guardian and Thermal Guardian.

Galaxy Labs was released in 2019 and its function is similar to Good Luck. It is geographically restricted and acts as a hub for various applications, which can extend the functionality of One UI and go beyond the standard experience.

Galaxy Labs is the center of performance optimization applications, just like Good Lock hosts UI custom applications. The former released two optimized applications: Battery Guardian, Battery Tracker, File Guardian, and App Booster. After the latest update, Galaxy Labs now includes two new applications.

Introducing Galaxy Labs’ Memory Guardian and Thermal Guardian

New Galaxy Lab
New Galaxy Lab

Memory Guardian aims to improve memory management and provide additional information about memory usage over time. The application can be used to separate clear applications from memory, and it provides a week-long usage history chart for available memory, cache memory, running memory, and system memory.

Thermal Guardian is the second newly added feature, which may attract more attention from Galaxy Lab users. The app has a 24-hour chart for monitoring CPU temperature, which contains high-temperature points, which can be clicked to get detailed information about possible causes.

It can be said that the best feature of Thermal Guardian is a slider for adjusting the temperature threshold of the CPU, which allows you to specify a lower or higher temperature at which the CPU starts to throttle.

The user can lower the value by one to two degrees to throttle the CPU ahead or increase the temperature threshold by up to two degrees to gain more performance at the cost of higher temperatures.

In addition to Memory Guardian and Thermal Guardian, Samsung has also introduced some new features to the existing Galaxy Labs application. The Battery Tracker user interface has undergone visual adjustments, and Battery Guardian provides new energy-saving tools that can limit CPU usage and background activities when you sleep. Each application setting also improves screen energy-saving behavior.

Finally, since most of the first apps now have a separate recycle bin for recovering deleted content, Samsung has stopped supporting File Guardian, which is arguably the most useful Galaxy Labs app at startup. Not much now, which is why it was shelved.

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