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The New Chromebook update “Halvor” could be the next Google Pixelbook

A New Chromebook update is available, code-named “Halvor”, which looks like the next Google Pixelbook. Although the biggest highlight of each “Made by Google” event is always the latest Pixel phone, since the Chromebook Pixel was launched in 2013, the company has also created excellent laptops.

Google’s Chromebook has always surpassed the limits of the Chrome operating system and promoted improvements by other device manufacturers.

Pixel Slate paved the way for other Chrome OS tablets (such as the Lenovo Chromebook Duet), and Pixelbook Go is currently launching premium Chromebooks on a medium budget.

Google Halvor PC

Therefore, we have been looking forward to what Google’s next New Chromebook Update might be and what it might store. This week, people at Chrome Unboxed believe they may have found the next Google Chromebook in a device codenamed “Halvor.

Is “Halvor” made by Google?

Before delving into what “Halvor” is, let’s take a look at why we agree that this can be at least the next Pixelbook. The main reason for the potential of Chrome Unboxed to become Halvor’s “Made by Google” status is a recent code change that provides Halvor with support for the Assistant key.

So far, there are only three Chromebooks and three keyboards, which contain keys dedicated to Google Assistant. Apart from Google, no other Chromebook manufacturer provides this key.

Also, in another code change, we found that the keyboard of this Halvor New Chromebook Update will use the same top row layout as the Pixelbook Go, which is very similar to the original Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. 

Google Halvor

The main difference that makes it stand out from other Chromebooks is the inclusion of a play/pause key between the brightness and volume keys.

In other words, these keyboard changes may just be cases where third-party Chromebook manufacturers finally chose to be consistent with Google’s Pixelbook series.

We have no evidence that the Google Assistant key can only appear on Google Chromebooks and accessories with Made for Google certification.

Another potential flaw in Halvor’s “Made by Google” status is the original design manufacturer (ODM) of the Chromebook, which is responsible for designing and developing the device in cooperation with Google.

So far, all products made by Google Chromebook, including Pixelbook Go, are designed by Quanta Computer Inc.

In contrast, from the email address with many code changes attached, we know that Halvor was developed by Compal. In the past, Compal has produced Chromebooks for companies such as Dell and Lenovo.

Google may switch ODM for this device, but we have not seen any public information about this. With all this in mind, is Halvor the next Google Chromebook made? Currently, the best answer we can provide is “maybe”.

What is a Halvor New Chromebook update?

So, what is Halvor? First of all, the name “Halvor” was obtained from a minor character in the Spyro series. More importantly, the Chromebook code-named Halvor is built on a “base plate” called “Volunteer”, which is another reference for Spyro, which uses Intel’s upcoming 11th-generation Tiger Lake processor. 

We also know that Halvor will have a keyboard, touchpad mouse, and touch screen. All of this firmly points to clamshell laptops (such as Pixelbook Go) or products that can also be converted into tablets.

There will be two types of RAM that may be in use, but the information is only publicly available to one. 

The only other news we found is certain ports that Halvor will be equipped with a 3.5mm headphone port, and so far, only the Pixel Slate lacks this feature.

New Chromebook Update

Also, unlike almost every other Chromebook on the market today, Halvor will have three USB-C ports (possibly supporting USB 4), placing it firmly in the category of productivity laptops.

Of course, concerning the manufacture of Google Chromebooks, specifications are never the most important. If Halvor is indeed the next Pixelbook, we won’t know what makes it better until we see the final hardware design.

When can the Pixelbook be released?

More importantly, Intel has not even officially announced or launched its 11th-generation Tiger Lake series processors. The news is rumored to be released next month, but Chromebooks are usually not the first devices to be released with a new generation of processors.

We believe that Halvor’s development is still in its early stages.  More likely this will be launch in 2021, although it is difficult to say with certainty. We hope that Google will be able to surprise the successor of Pixelbook at the Google-made event in 2020, but it seems unlikely for now.

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