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The morning after: “Wonder Woman 1984” goes directly to HBO Max

Wonder Woman 1984

Official news: Warner Bros. is about to show a blockbuster film on HBO Max. “Wonder Woman 1984” will not only make its own debut in theaters but will also premiere on streaming services on December 25 without additional fees-but it will only be available for one month.

Disney’s Artemis Fowl has skipped drama releases and went straight to subscription streaming, and its new Pixar movie “Soul” will do the same. Due to the pandemic and blockbuster movies being released on schedule, theaters across the country are still closed. We will see if other film studios make changes to increase streaming and generate some revenue to share with theaters. -Richard

Wonder Woman 1984

Unlike “Mulan”, the subscription fee for “Supergirl 1984” will not exceed a month. HBO Max subscribers will have the opportunity to watch movies directly at home.

The streaming service costs $14.99 per month. What followed is that with the surge in cases throughout the United States, there is growing uncertainty about whether theaters will remain open.

Even if they are still open, it is not certain whether people will actually participate in the screening. In this way, WarnerMedia can increase the number of subscribers to its HBO Max and still enable people all over the world (where there is no HBO Max) to watch it in theaters.

The announcement came at the same time that theater chains Regal and Cineworld announced that they would close all theaters for the remainder of 2020.

Once MGM announces that the latest “James Bond” movie “Innocent Children” will be moved to 2021, there are not many movies left during the holiday, and people will enter the theater because of this.

Disney postponed its expected “Black Widow” to 2021. Disney Pixar’s new film “Soul” has also moved to Disney Plus. Now, “Supergirl 1984” will compete with the souls of Disney and Pixar-but, not at the box office.

Obviously, the film industry is doing two things this year: adopting direct-to-consumer options such as streaming (Disney Plus, Peacock, HBO Max), and treating 2020 as the biggest movie of the year.

As the world is struggling to find when it can return to normal, Hollywood is looking for when to gamble to release its most expensive movies, some of which may generate $1 billion in the box office of “Pre-Time”.

Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) learned a profound lesson from Christopher Nolan’s film “Tenet”, which performed well internationally, but due to Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco When theaters in markets ceased operations, the US market had little effect.

For the studio director, the most difficult part is still trying to figure out how people’s behavior will change, even if life begins to return to normal.

If the theater survives before that, will people still venture to the theater to watch new blockbusters immediately after the theater reopens?

For now, if the film originally scheduled to be released in 2021 maintains the release date, then at least this will be a very good year. But life is no longer static. As we have learned from this year, the date of the movie release is particularly uncertain.

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