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The latest update to New Oculus Quest adds multitasking and wireless streaming

New Oculus Quest

A new version of New Oculus Quest of Facebook’s VR headsets, Quest and Quest 2, has been released. According to Mark Zuckerberg, v30 is the first version of Infinite Office to feature multitasking, so that you can run multiple apps at once, such as a browser, Oculus TV, Oculus Move, the store, etc.

You’ll initially find this in the Experimental menu in New Oculus Quest, just like many new features. Multitasking is enabled once the menu bar and apps library have been opened. Apps can then be dragged into place from the menu bar or library.

With the v30 update, you can also use Air Link with your original Quest headset. It is an alternative to Oculus Link, which streams VR games via USB-C cable from your PC to the Quest 2. It was launched in April. Prior to the release of Virtual Desktop, users of New Original Quest could stream PC games wirelessly.

New Oculus Quest

Additional new features include the ability to adjust the height of the game while sitting, and the addition of an accessibility tab to the settings menu.

The New Oculus Quest headset now features a built-in microphone that can be switched between system-wide party chat and an application.

Facebook says that the update will eventually make its way to your headset, although it might not hit your headset immediately because of its staggered rollout process.

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