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The latest Google Fit update removes the advanced weight training features on Wear OS

Google Assistant works better on fitbit

The latest version of Google Fit brought a substantial UI refresh a few weeks ago, with enhanced features and sleep tracking, but the ability to track weight training exercises seems to have disappeared.

As the team discovered on Android Police, the latest version of the device can no longer track how many repetitions you have done while lifting weights in the gym.

More and more people complain that the feature has been removed on social media and Reddit, and it will be disappointing to hear that the disappointing ability to track rest time has also disappeared, which means for those fitness sharks major.

Google Assistant works better on fitbit

Therefore, basically, the 2.45 version of Google Fit lacks the ability to automatically track each representative during weight training. Those rest periods between sets are now also lost. Conversely, when you select “Strength Training” or “Weight Lifting” from the workout menu of the watch, it will track your heart rate and exercise time.

The Associated Press pointed out that a temporary solution to return to advanced weight training metrics is to uninstall the latest update of the Google Fit app on Wear OS watches. You also need to uninstall and downgrade the included mobile app, then turn off all automatic updates to make sure you have a choice.

For a very important function, this is a frustrating solution. We are not yet sure why we want to remove representative tracking from the weight training options in Google Fit on Wear OS, but we have contacted Google to inquire whether we plan to remove it. If they explain, we will update this article accordingly.

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