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The Galaxy Note 20 was found wearing bright red, blue and pink

Samsung Note S20

Compared with the more expensive Galaxy Note 20 Ultra siblings, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 looks quite sluggish on paper, but it does have an advantage in terms of color. South Korea has discovered the red, blue, and pink variants of the Galaxy Note 20.

The color scheme can be added to the currently available “Mystery Bronze”, “Mystery Green” and “Mystery Gray” options. It is not clear whether these colors will be available globally.

Although Ultra is very popular, with bronze, black and white tones, Note 20 is also available in Mystic Green and Mystic Gray. But Samsung seems ready to add at least three additional finishes to its Korean lineup.

Samsung found on Twitter brought a tri-color flash to the Galaxy Note 20 in its Korean work. These shades include red, blue, and pink.

The gloss of the latter is similar to the Mystic Green variant, but the surface is slightly shiny. The other two colors are brighter and more vivid, similar to the bright yellow Samsung Galaxy S10e or the BTS-inspired Galaxy S20 Plus.

The Korean telecom company has opened a red Note 20 color variant in its store, which indicates that the color scheme should appear as soon as possible in the country.

It is also suggested that each color scheme be provided as a proprietary product of each major telecommunications company in Korea.

Samsung Note S20

With this in mind, it is not clear whether Samsung will provide these color schemes in other markets. If they do cross the Pacific, they may be offered as exclusive variants to US operators or retailers.

It is unclear whether the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will get more adventurous visual effects in the future.

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