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The concept of marketing communication

Marketing depends heavily on an effective communication flow between the company and consumers. The company should attempt to communicate with consumers to quality products, colorful packages, written messages, pictures and symbols, attractive showrooms and effective efficient Sales-force. When these various aspects are received and interpreted by the consumers, marketing communication is the process by which messages are developed by the marketer and transmitted to intended receivers or the target market audiences.

It can be oral through word-of-mouth and via phone. It can be in written in the form of the visual and print as well as it can be body language expressed by facial expression, eye to eye contact, hand wand body movement. Effective communication is essential for promotion. For effective communication system marketer should design more effective and interactive communication.

Marketing communication is a complex process or presenting an integrated set of messages to the target market. It can be made possible through multiple media with the intention of creating a favourable response towards the firm’s total product offering. Target market also provides feedback for improving and modifying the present message and product offering.

Marketing communication creates awareness about the firm and its products, the price and the availability of products by informing. It persuades target customers to choose the firm’s brand. It facilitates firm’s reach to the target customers and customer’s reach the firm. The consumers can learn about who makes the product and what the company and brand stand for, so they can get an incentive reward for trial or usage.

Marketing communication allows company to link its brands to other people, places, events, feelings and things. It also involves feedback from the consumers to the company on how to total product offering of the company is received by the target market.

So there are some main features of advertising are as follows:

  • Identified Sponsor
  • Mass Communication
  • Paid Form of Communication
  • Non-personal Salesmanship
  • Promotion of Ideas, Products and Services

Now, we have to understand about key elements of communication also because communication has play so many roles in marketing. Communication has many elements, The basic elements are mentioned below:

  • Two Way Process
  • Flow
  • Symbols
  • Channels
  • Networks
  • Noise
  • Feedback

Remember, Communication always begins with source. Sender is the source of the message. Marketing manager, wholesalers, retailers, and other persons are the senders in marketing communication process. They develop idea or through to be communicated. It is the subject matter or communication and may be in form option, feelings, views and suggestions.

Encoding it is the use of symbols to communicate the message. Symbols may be words, pictures, music etc. The message are encoded in such a manner that they will be received by the audiences in understandable form. While encoding receiver’s feelings, experiences and ideas should be considered.

Objectives Of Advertising

The end objective or purpose of business product advertising is to crate sales. So, advertising is only one of the marketing forces the can influence to purchase, it is often assigned a more limited role in the sales creation process. This role may be different at different times. The common objectives or purpose of advertising are mentioned listed below:

  • Information
  • Persuasion
  • Reminder
  • Reinforcement
  • Image Building
  • Success in Competition
  • Help in Other Promotion Tools
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