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The clubhouse cooperates with the NFL for draft week programs


Clubhouse, an audio social platform, has announced a partnership with the National Football League for some exclusive programming during the upcoming NFL draft. This is Clubhouse’s first sports partnership. Beginning Monday and continuing throughout the week, the NFL will host a series of draft-themed rooms on Clubhouse, which will include player evaluations, a mock draft for fans, and a conversation with University of Alabama football team alumni.

According to a release from Clubhouse, football fans can visit the NFL rooms on Clubhouse to watch the picks as they are announced and listen to “discussions featuring key NFL figures—from athletes and coaches to network personalities,” and fans may be invited on stage by moderators to ask draft questions or share their reactions.


With over 10 million downloads in its first year, Clubhouse sparked a slew of competing audio products from Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Spotify, Slack, and Facebook.

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, people were isolating themselves and turning to online platforms to stay in touch with friends and family. Bloomberg reported earlier this month that Clubhouse was valued at around $4 billion.

The clubhouse is still invitation-only, and Android devices aren’t yet supported.

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