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The Chinese app of Roblox is being shut down

TechCrunch reports that Roblox has shut down its Chinese app, also known as LuoBuLeSi, only five months after its launch. A relaunch of the app could be planned for the country at a later time, after it is rebuilt and rereleased as a test with Tencent.

According to the translated version of Roblox China’s website, the app was taken off app stores on December 8th last year. Developers will continue to optimize the app according to the post, which thanks players for testing it.

The Chinese app of Roblox is being shut down while a new version is being developed

The platform will have to take a number of important transitory measures as it prepares to build a new version of the Roblox app, Kay told The Verge.

Jay did not provide any more information about the release date of the new version, stating that the company would make the announcement when it was ready.

It appears Roblox has had difficulty competing against its Chinese competitors, like Reworld, owned by ByteDance. Roblox also encountered an even greater challenge: China itself.

Financial Times reports that Roblox was subject to China’s regulatory standards despite advertising itself as an educational game, with some of its features being censored.

With the sudden shut-down of Roblox China, another popular game in the country has been lost for the foreseeable future.

A Fortnite test in China ended in November without much of an explanation, despite the game having been heavily modified to adhere to China’s strict content rules.

It is even more surprising that the global Steam version appears to have been blocked in China as of late December, perhaps in order to replace it with the far more limited Chinese version.

The Chinese government compared video games to “spiritual opium” and began limiting kids’ screen time to just three hours per week before these recent shutdowns. 

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