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The CDC says people should not travel on Thanksgiving due to the surge in COVID-19

COVID-19 Infection

CDC officials said people should not travel for Thanksgiving, citing the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across the country. “This is a strong recommendation,” Henry Walke, CDC’s COVID-19 incident manager, said at a press conference.

There are an average of 160,000 COVID-19 cases in the United States every day, and the coronavirus has spread out of control in most states. Walke said: “During the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to consider the safest way to celebrate this holiday.”

After the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays, the number of cases in the United States surged, and Thanksgiving has attracted greater attention: celebrations are usually carried out indoors.

COVID-19 Infection

The virus is more likely to spread and is passed on from generation to generation including seniors who are severely infected with COVID in high-risk groups and people. Compared with most summer vacations, more viruses are now circulating in most parts of the United States.

The agency issued an updated holiday guide on Thursday, which states that staying at home is the best way to stay safe. People considering a business trip should consider whether anyone in the family is at risk of severe COVID-19 due to an underlying illness.

Whether the hospital in the area is overwhelmed, and whether they can stay away from the other of the two people they may have to travel a few weeks before, yet There are other problems.

“If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then other plans should be considered, such as hosting a virtual party or postponing travel.

The process from one place to another is also related to the CDC. Walke said: “We are not only concerned about the actual travel regulations, such as planes, buses, cars, RVs, but also transportation hubs.” “When people wait in line to get on a car or take an airplane, people tend to crowd together.”

The CDC says that gatherings with people who don’t live at home for Thanksgiving are also risky. You can make it safer by eating outdoors and insisting on a few guests.

People celebrating indoors can keep the windows open and wear masks. CDC also provides suggestions for shopping during the holidays.

The guidelines encourage people to shop online, use contactless delivery, and keep a distance from others in outdoor markets.

Erin Sauber-Schatz, head of the CDC’s Community Intervention and Critical Population Working Group, anyone who was not with you 14 days before Thanksgiving is considered not in your home.

This includes college students who may call your home residence but will not live at home during the school year. She said: “You absolutely need to take extra precautions in the house.” This may include wearing a mask in the house or keeping the windows open.

Walke said that the health and safety of your family and other people who may interact with are at risk. He said: “The tragedy that may happen is that one of your family members who get together at this family gathering may actually end up in the hospital and become seriously ill and die.” “People want to see relatives and friends in their usual way. . But especially this year, we ask people to be as safe as possible and restrict travel.”

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