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Tesla will increase the acceleration performance of the Model Y for $2,000


Tesla will increase the acceleration performance of the Model Y for $2,000

  • How fast do you want the electric crossover?

How eager are you to improve the performance of Tesla Model Y? Desire, you will eventually pay a high price for some code changes? Now is your chance.

Electrek reports that Model Y owners with dual-motor AWD variants but not Performance can now choose to purchase a $2,000 acceleration accelerator, reducing the 0-60MPH time from 4.8 seconds to 4.3. As long as you have the latest software, you can get a faster electronic crossover almost immediately.


The company provided a similar update for Model 3 buyers in December. Tesla has a long history of including functions in hardware and locking them in software to help simplify production and control costs.

However, this is one of the most obvious examples-your AWD Y model can already accelerate quickly, until now there is no choice.

This is also a defensive measure. Tesla tried to prevent unofficial performance attacks for some time.

Acceleration boosters may reduce the temptation to use these hackers, and at the same time provide automakers with a way to make huge profits after you buy an electric car.

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