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Tesla has developed a “Battery Day” plan to produce $25,000 Electric Cars

Musk New Battery Day

Tesla has developed a “Battery Day” plan to produce $25,000 Electric Cars

  • The “Tabless” 4860 battery and other changes may provide Tesla electric vehicles with a greater range at a lower price.

The Tesla Battery Day presentation is underway, and CEO Elon Musk demonstrated many of the changes the company is making, which he said can cut the cost of building an electric car battery by half per kilowatt-hour.

Before showing the $140,000 Model S Plaid and its 200MPH+ top speed, Musk said that these changes are enough to help Tesla build a convincing $25,000 electric car in three years.

We should note that this is not the same as “Three years away” is similar to what he made in 2018. “We don’t have affordable cars,” he said, “…this is something we will have in the future. But we must reduce battery costs.”

Apart from the price, the car has no name or even any shape to discuss. Considering the price of the Model 3, which sells for $35,000, we don’t want to book it yet.

Speaking of reservations, it is clear that about 600,000 people have already spent $100 to queue up for the “cyber track”.

Musk New Battery Day

As for the situation closer to reality, Musk claimed that after a “fundamental rewrite” of the car software, the long-awaited private beta version of the Tesla Autopilot fully automated driving upgrade may be launched in the next few months.

Musk said that along with Tesla’s senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering Drew Bagrino, the changes include a new desktop battery that can contain six times the power, five times the energy, and has an increased range 16%.

The size of the new battery is 46mm x 80mm, so it is named 4680. As you can see in the live broadcast below, making these larger batteries caused thermal management issues that have been resolved by their cylindrical design.

Although TechCrunch pointed out that the manufacturing process is not yet complete, the elimination of “sheet-to-sheet” welds and aligning the foils with ribbon spirals makes the electrical paths of these batteries shorter.

This is in addition to the “in-body” battery cell project, which makes the battery an integral part of the car frame, and plans to extract lithium from the clay of the Nevada desert.

As pointed out by Reuters, analysts estimate that the cost of Tesla’s battery pack in 2019 is about US$156 per kilowatt-hour, and it is possible to reduce this cost to US$70 or US$80 in the next few years. Save thousands of dollars per car.

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