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TCL’s new Nxtpaper Screen Technology is very Thin


TCL’s new Nxtpaper Screen Technology is very Thin

TCL debuted a new paper-thin display called Nxtpaper that is meant to offer far better eye protection when using apparatus.

Included in TCL’s ton of IFA 2020 announcements, the business introduced Nxtpaper on Thursday, which it calls is a”combination of screen and paper.”

TCL stated on Thursday that Nxtpaper has eye protection certifications from the German Rhine lab, the SGS lab, and German VDE.

The new technology also has 11 different patents, specifically surrounding eye protection. Nxtpaper is intended for bigger devices such as a tablet, therefore it seems like you won’t find a paper-thin display on TCL phones any time soon.

Image: TCL

The screen is allegedly 36% thinner than your average LCD while also being 65 percent more power-efficient (because it doesn’t use backlighting).

The new screen tech could be contrasted to e-ink screens, which can be found in e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite. 

E-ink screens don’t emit light obviously, reducing both screen glare exhibited by LCD and OLED panels and the eye fatigue that may result from it. 

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