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TCL Tri-fold Gadget Concept Shows Off: 10-inch Screen

TCL Gadget

TCL actions are not as fast as those of major manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola, but they have spent a lot of thought on design. The double-folding concept gadget announced in October last year has a unique style.

This product has also evolved from an almost model to an engineering gadget that can play videos and perform simple UI navigation. Besides, the pull-screen mobile phone that had spy photos not long ago has now been taken out by the factory for a concept demonstration.

First of all, let’s talk about the double folder that everyone is more familiar with. It can fold twice in the Z font. That is to say, the existing inside and outside folding schemes on the market are combined on a mobile phone.

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             When fully expanded, users can see a 10-inch 3K panel. When folded to the minimum, the screen faced while holding will become 6.65 inches and its ratio will also become 20.8: 9. In the folded state, the thickness of this gadget is not surprisingly surprising.


Compared to a relatively new phone, it can be as thick as two and a half Galaxy S20 Ultra and the latter itself has nothing to do with thinness.

When you fold it, you need a little effort to turn the phone’s hinge. And the system preloaded by the device is not loaded with anything. During the short experience, we are more just watching videos and doing some simple Android operations.

As for the unique features of the folding gadget, at present, it is impossible to jump out of the multi-tasking box. For example, the easiest to think of double folding is to open three apps side by side. Of course, it is also possible to use a combination of two-thirds and one-third.

TCL Gadget

The official demonstration photo display is an example of this. Besides, like the Galaxy Z Flip, the folding angle of the TCL handset is not limited to the two states of on and off. In other words, you can do some operations such as holding a part of the screen to watch a video or typing on a flat-screen.

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         Considering that TCL has not yet determined the mass production plan of the dual-fold mobile phone, it is understandable that the product cannot fully utilize this design in terms of UI and functions. If commercialization is finally achieved, then TCL should cooperate with developers, to maximize the potential of double folding.

As for the pull screen concept handset that appeared in spy photos recently, only the model is used for demonstration at the scene of the experience event. According to official statements, there is a real phone operating at the Chinese headquarters, and they did release relevant videos during the event.

TCL Upcoming Foldable phone

Specifically, the right frame of this phone can slide out. During this process, the panel hidden behind the left side in the form of a curl will be pulled out. After being pulled to the end, the screen will expand from 6.75 inches in the “off” state to 7.8 inches in the “open” state.

In other words, our past guesses based on spy photos are not accurate. This scheme is more like a scroll, and the design will be closer to LG’s rollable TV.

When it comes to the feel of the surface, because the mold only uses plastic plus stickers, it can’t make much evaluation for the time being. The thickness of the mold is 9mm, which is the same for the real phone.

During the hands-on play, we felt that the area of force available for the fingers when pulling was a bit too small. In this regard, TCL explained that there are special buttons in the real phone system that can trigger the scroll mechanism of the screen.

TCL Tri Fold Phone

In theory, they do not recommend or allow users to pull the screen directly, after all, this will bring a small risk of damage.

So, for the time being, we are not sure what kind of product will be special in UI and functionality. But developers certainly need to make different adaptations under different display areas. If the two states are only fully expanded and completely collapsed, if the amount of pull is put under the user’s control, it will be quite troublesome to adapt.

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      But in general, the potential of this design is still very large, after all, it can better control the size of the fuselage, and it can also provide good protection when the screen is folded. Of course, how durable is a key issue, this is the same for all new mobile phones.

So far, among the manufacturers that have not launched new mobile phones, TCL is one that has more ideas and tries earlier. The reason why they have not come up with the finished product is that the corresponding software is not yet mature and the second is that the cost of new technologies is still too high for the mass market.

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