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TCL Launches 8K and “OD Zero” mini LED Technology for its 2021 TV

TCl 8K TV baseread

In the past few years, TCL’s impressive LCD has been one of our favorite TVs, so how will they get better in 2020? Following the promise of last year’s CES event, all new products in the mid-range 6-series product line will adopt an 8K resolution, which is four times higher than a 4K resolution.

Although it is unlikely that there will be a lot of native 8K content available for viewing, they are preparing to upgrade low-resolution content. If you are willing to stick to 4K, the company said it will retain its existing 6-series TV lineup.

The previous version of the 6-series LCD used TCL’s second-generation mini LED backlight technology, and now LG and Samsung will sell TVs using similar technology.

TCl 8K TV baseread

To keep up with the trend, TCL introduced the third generation of mini LED backlight, called OD Zero. It is named zero because the distance between the backlight layer and the LCD panel has been reduced to 0mm, which will make the display screen thinner.

TCL also launched the XL series of monitors, which will be available in 85-inch sizes. At the low end, the 4 Series XL model will display 4K content on the largest screen at $1,599 at the end of the first quarter.

The QLED version 85R745 supporting 120Hz HDMI input and the top mini LED version will be launched later this year.

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