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TCL brings 4K Android TVs starting at $199 to the U.S.


TCL has a Roku-powered product line and owns some of the most popular smart TVs in the world, but earlier this year, the company announced that it would add Android TV models to it.

Now, TCL has expanded its Android TV series in the United States and now offers three 4K models. At some point in September, TCL brought the Series 4 TVs supported by the Google platform to the United States.

These models are sold exclusively at Best Buy and are the company’s first option powered by Android TV and will provide 4K displays in the United States. Previously, only ultra-affordable HD and 1080p options cost less than $200.

The new 4 series TVs include 50-inch, 55-inch, and 75-inch options, which are respectively $349, $399, and $799.


There is also a 43-inch model sold on Target, which is usually priced at $199. All four sizes are sold with the same 4K UHD resolution, LED panel, and Android TV, and fully support Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney + and other apps.

These larger, more expensive models also include a total of three HDMI ports.

We have not personally tried TCL’s Android TV to try our own quality, but the company’s 4K Roku TV is currently the most popular and well-received TV on the market, especially for its value.

Based on hundreds of reviews from Best Buy on 32-inch and 40-inch Android TV models, TCL seems to be able to replicate the experience on the Google platform.

It is worth noting that as part of Best Buy’s early “Black Friday” sales, the 50-inch and 55-inch versions of these TVs are currently heavily discounted.

The price of the 50-inch model is only 229 dollars, and the price of the 55-inch model is 249 dollars. These are just crazy prices you get.

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