What Entrepreneurship is: Competencies and Development

Entrepreneurship Growth

What Entrepreneurship is: Competencies and Development We most have to understand What Entrepreneurship is because all new ventures do not succeed. Some entrepreneurs are successful while others are failures. Entrepreneurship competencies play a leading role in making entrepreneurs successful.            Competence is an underlying personal characteristic which leads to superior performance. […]

Emerging Concepts in Entrepreneurship Growth

What is Women Entrepreneurship

Emerging Concepts in Entrepreneurship Growth The emerging concepts in entrepreneurship growth are indicated by the increasing use of the internet and e-commerce. Development in information technology has made their uses possible. Internet Concept Internet is a worldwide web of computer networks. It connects more than 900 million computers all over the world. It is the […]

How to Growth Entrepreneurship?


How to Growth Entrepreneurship?    Socio-economic growth encompasses increase in per capita income, education, health and environmental protection.             Classical economists regarded lack of capital as the critical constraint to economic growth. In recent year, human capital has assumed important. Entrepreneurship is human capital.           The […]

What is Women Entrepreneurship? It’s Future Challenges

Women Entrepreneurship

What is Women Entrepreneurship? Women entrepreneurship is the process of creating new venture by women through risk-taking, innovating and managing for rewards. It refers to women in an independent business.             The process of entrepreneurship is common to both man and women. It is only the gander that distinguishes the […]