Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date

Galaxy Fold 2

It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date -which is the second in the Galaxy Fold series-is expected to be released before the Galaxy S11. The latest report claims that the second Fold will share with the Galaxy S11 series, but will be released immediately after the announcement from South Korea. The rumored […]

Samsung will Feature real glass on Galaxy Fold 2 Display

Galaxy Fold 2

The Galaxy Fold 2 opens and closes around a horizontal axis like a Motorola Razr, and will use an ultra-thin glass cover instead of the plastic screen used by other foldable products. The tipster says the Galaxy Fold 2 screen looks flatter, which is the right protective cover material for a foldable phone. Last month, […]

Samsung’s next foldable Phone may look like RAZR

Samsung Foldable Phone Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has dubious honors, it’s the first foldable phone that most readers can buy, but it won’t be the last. Last month, Motorola announced a vertical fold for its classic RAZR, while Samsung mocked that it might do something similar. The image is circulating on Chinese social media on your phone, it looks […]