Huawei P40 Series are equipped with BOE Screens

P 40

Huawei P40 series has officially debuted and began accepting reservations online. For the display vendors that many people are concerned about, the information such as the 3D face unlock function now also has the exact answer. According to netizens citing Huawei’s published source code information, the Huawei P40 Standard Edition will be a BOE display, […]

What is Scott Technology: Growing in the next Move?

What is Scott Technology: Growing in the Next Move? Australia and New Zealand (NZ) are increasingly interested in automation in agriculture and food processing due to the overall scale of agriculture and high labor costs. Meanwhile, the presence of Scott Technology, a long-established engineering company with a history of over 100 years in NZ, is […]

New Technology That Will Change Your Future Life

New Technology has been evolved over the most recent few decades years, innovation has advanced and transformed the lives of its customers. From Luxury Air Travel to Hologram Video Game and Phone Motion Sensor to Brain-Computer Interface Devices is fascinating to take a gander at new technology that will definitely change your life in the […]

Intel Optane 8th Gen Core Memory

Intel Optane is 8th Gen core device that include Intel Optane memory and device is available now to accelerate your computer. Intel Optane memory is a new smart innovation that quickens computer’s responsiveness. It gets to your computer’s much of the time utilized archives, pictures, documents and applications rapidly and recalls that them after you control […]

Trailer Valet RVR – Remote Controlled Robot

The RVR Series is first self-motorized and remote-controlled series of units. Introducing the newest addition to the Trailer Valet family, the RVR is intended to remove the task from moving your trailer. With the RVR you would now be able to move your trailer without twisting around or the need to utilize your own drill. The RVR accompanies a battery-powered […]


Cutting-edge innovation technology shouldn’t be called an unreachable. New innovation should be fun and part of daily life. Let’s take a look best new technology thing coming soon in 2019. NEW BEST TECHNOLOGY THINGS COMING IN 2019 Stars World First Holographic Smart-phone Stars world first holographic smart-phone is generate glass free Holograms on smart-phones. When […]