How to clean your Computer Monitor?

How to clean monitor

Keeping the computer clean is a must. Over time, your computer (especially the monitor) collects dust and debris. Not to mention the spread of bacteria caused by sneezing and coughing. Although fingerprints are bad enough, eye fatigue caused by messy monitors is even worse. Compared to simply wiping with Clorox wipes, cleaning the monitor involves […]

LG’s Latest 4K Display Monitors Includes 32-inch Model

LG 4K Monitor

The 2020 headline LG 4K monitor is UltraFine Ergo (32UN880), a 32-inch 4K screen that floats on a post fixed to your desk. LG likes to launch LG 4K monitors before CES, but if you value every inch of free space on your desk, its latest batch of products may be particularly interesting. It can […]