Google is reportedly making finding privacy settings hard for smartphone users


Unproven documents in Arizona’s lawsuit against Google suggest that company executives and engineers knew the search giant had made it difficult for smartphone users to protect location data. Despite the fact that users stopped sharing their locations, Google collected location data, and Google’s privacy settings made searching difficult. Insiders claim that Google put pressure on […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 Hands On: Cheaper & QLED Screen

Chromebook 2

The title of Samsung “Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2” is a bit misleading. Yes, this $549.99 laptop is technically the second device to use the “Samsung Galaxy Chromebook” name. But this is not a sequel, but an upgrade: Samsung has not added a lot of new features or added many specifications. The company launched the Galaxy […]

Google post on the Secrets of the Pixel 4 Astrophotography mode

Google Pixel 4

Use a variety of techniques to bring the ability to shoot stars with Google Pixel 4 phones. Google has made a further improvement on the Google Pixel 4‘s Night Sight mode on Pixel 4 and introduced the Astrophotography astrophotography mode that can take amazing photos of the stars on a mobile phone. Now Google is […]