Hivi S3 Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

Hivi S3 Plus

If you see the Hivi S3 Plus for the first time, and you see it from a distance, you will feel that its design resembles a pair of big eyes, especially the color of the white body and black mesh cover, and more “big eyes” “a feeling of. To be honest, in the design of […]

Motorola brings One Hyper with rear Fingerprint and 32MP Selfie Camera

Motorola One Hyper

Moto’s attempts on new phones this year are really diverse, and this time the new Motorola One Hyper is the product of its first use of a lifting camera structure. This Vivo X27 device, which is somewhat visual in appearance, achieves a full screen by sliding a 32MP selfie camera. However, Motorola New Hyper fingerprint […]