Samsung heir Jay Chou Lee goes to jail again for bribery

Lee Baseread

According to Bloomberg News, Samsung’s heir, Jay Y. Lee, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for taking bribes, ending a court battle that began four years ago. Lee was initially sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 but was released free of charge after only one year after his initial […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 Hands On: Cheaper & QLED Screen

Chromebook 2

The title of Samsung “Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2” is a bit misleading. Yes, this $549.99 laptop is technically the second device to use the “Samsung Galaxy Chromebook” name. But this is not a sequel, but an upgrade: Samsung has not added a lot of new features or added many specifications. The company launched the Galaxy […]

Intel is using its RealSense technology for facial recognition


Intel has found another use for its RealSense depth-sensing camera. It combines this technology with neural networks to develop a facial recognition system that can access things like smart locks and ATMs at a glance. Similar to Apple’s Face ID, RealSense ID can scan your facial contours. Intel claims that the system can adapt to […]

Xiaomi’s Mi 11 is the first Snapdragon 888 phone

Mi 11

Most rumors claim that Samsung will launch its new Galaxy S series earlier this year. However, even if the original release date is January 14, S21 will not be the first mobile phone to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 processor. This distinction will be attributed to Xiaomi’s new Mi 11 mobile phone, which the Chinese […]

Samsung will launch its Galaxy S21 series on January 14

Samsung S21 leak

Samsung’s next Android flagship may be closer than you think. Android Authority heard from the Samsung store in India that the Galaxy S21 series will be launched globally on January 14. According to employees working at the Bangalore retail store, it will be available on January 29. These dates match those reported by Android Police […]

Cyber ​​security company FireEye says state-sponsored hackers stole its tools


FireEye, one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the United States, said it believed it was the victim of a government-sponsored hacking attack that resulted in the theft of the company’s internal tools used to conduct penetration tests on other companies. “Recently, we were attacked by a highly sophisticated threat participant whose behavioral discipline, operational […]

WhatsApp allows you to use a custom wallpaper for every chat

whatsapp new feature

Now that it has published the disappeared message, WhatsApp is trying to make ordinary messages more memorable. It not only launched a series of new wallpapers and stickers but also can customize chat records for groups and individuals. Using the latter function, you can choose a specific wallpaper for each chat or individual contact to […]

Google Assistant can finally arrange your smart lights

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can already be used with Hue and other smart lights, but the function is limited to using them in combination with alarms and some other functions to turn them on and off. Now, as pointed out by Android Police and Reddit users, you can schedule lights and other electronic devices to turn on […]

Korg goes for the sequencing crown with the modular-friendly SQ-64


A universal four-track, 64-step sequencer covering MIDI and various CV formats. Korg’s SQ-1 was appreciated. This is a simple and affordable two-track eight-step sequencer. It can be used with Korg’s analog and semi-modular exhibitions (such as MS-20 Mini), eurorack modular synthesizer, and any other device that can accept CV (Control Voltage Input). Its price is […]

Apple is cutting App Store fees in half for the majority of developers

apple app store

Apple announced that it will cut commissions it charges application developers as part of a new small business plan. Now, developers with annual revenues of less than $1 million will pay 15% of all transactions, half of the current 30%. Apple said that the program will begin on January 1, 2021, will apply to app […]

Samsung’s latest monitor is a smart TV with PC Functionality

Samsung New TV

Samsung has introduced a new type of all-in-one display, which the company believes can achieve multiple purposes in the “work from home” era. The device is called Smart Monitor for short, and its core is a Tizen-driven smart TV with PC functions. This is the brand’s first smart TV with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and Wireless […]

Oppo Find X2 Series Launches to Return in the 5G era

Fast Charging

Oppo has always been very active. In the past few years, they have come up with lifting structures, periscope lenses, waterfall screens, screen cameras, 65W charging, and many other interesting things. In terms of design, the previous year’s Find X was almost a peak. Even today, products that surpass it aesthetically are still difficult to […]

Moto’s Folding Razr Phone is not Difficult to Repair

Moto's Folding Razr Phone baseread

Foldable phones are currently at the forefront of technology, and many consumers are skeptical of their durability. Not to mention the Fold launched earlier, even Motorola’s folding Razr has the recent CNET 27,000 clamshell failure, and Moto’s response that “you opened the wrong way“. But fundamentally, the biggest question comes from this brand new product. […]

Does the back of the Xbox Series X look like this?

Xbox Series X

The front look of the Xbox Series X was released by Microsoft as early as The Game Awards. But what exactly is the back of this new machine (that is, the side where all the connection ports are)? Possible answers are now available on Twitter. In recent days, some people have released physical photos of […]

Microsoft Officially Ends Windows 7 Support

Win 7 out of suport

After providing 10 years of support for Windows 7, Microsoft will no longer continue to provide security updates for the most “hard” systems after this version of XP starting today. For ordinary users, this means that bugs in the system will no longer have official solutions, and the risk of being attacked must be borne […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Review: Officially Announced

Samsung Galaxy Flex

Samsung Electronics released a promotional video of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex notebook on YouTube, showing the core selling points of the new product’s design, interactive upgrades, innovative features, etc., showing Samsung’s technological innovation and attracting consumers. Attention to this flagship product. According to industry sources, this Samsung Galaxy Book Flex notebook was unveiled again […]