Sony May be Building a new PSVR Headset

Sony May be Building a new PSVR Headset baeread

We already know that PS5 will be backward compatible with existing PSVR headsets and its matching game software, but it is uncertain whether the PSVR hardware itself will be upgraded with it and launch something like PSVR2. If Bloomberg‘s report is true, Sony is indeed working on a new version of the virtual headset, which […]

Moto’s Folding Razr Phone is not Difficult to Repair

Moto's Folding Razr Phone baseread

Foldable phones are currently at the forefront of technology, and many consumers are skeptical of their durability. Not to mention the Fold launched earlier, even Motorola’s folding Razr has the recent CNET 27,000 clamshell failure, and Moto’s response that “you opened the wrong way“. But fundamentally, the biggest question comes from this brand new product. […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Review: Officially Announced

Samsung Galaxy Flex

Samsung Electronics released a promotional video of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex notebook on YouTube, showing the core selling points of the new product’s design, interactive upgrades, innovative features, etc., showing Samsung’s technological innovation and attracting consumers. Attention to this flagship product. According to industry sources, this Samsung Galaxy Book Flex notebook was unveiled again […]

GoPro Max is the Brand’s second attempt at a 360-degree Camera

If you are considering purchasing a GoPro camera, the new Hero 8 Black is estimated to have a higher probability of being the first to appear in your mind. But in fact, GoPro has brought a new machine called Max. From many perspectives, there should be many people who will consider this machine with a […]