The EU’s data privacy watchdog fined Amazon a record $888 million


Amazon has received a fine of £500m from Luxembourg’s data regulator. It is the largest privacy fine company has ever received. For infringing the EU’s strict privacy law, known as GDPR, the CNPD fined the company €746 million ($888 million) on July 16th. The company disclosed the ruling in a filing with the SEC on […]

Amazon’s Echo Buds: Introducing Echo Buds

Echo Buds

Amazon’s Echo Buds: Introducing Echo Buds Amazon announced the Amazon’s Echo Buds, an earbud that integrates with the voice interface Alexa. It features a noise reduction technology of Boss. Ecobird seems to work like any other Alexa device. The user can command or ask eBrad’s Alexa. The difference is that you can access Alexa on […]