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T-Mobile’s network has been shut down, which also affected Verizon and AT&T calls

tMobile USA

Customers of the three major carriers in the United States have all encountered the problem of making calls to T-Mobile. According to user reports on Downdetector and social media, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T customers are having trouble making calls across the United States. The report is published at approximately 2:20 pm Eastern Time, yesterday.

The problem seems to be entirely at the end of T-Mobile: Although AT&T said that its network is “up and running,” while Verizon said its network is “up and running,” T-Mobile confirmed that it is working hard to fix “voice and data” that has affected all parts of the country Customer issues. ”

tMobile USA

Verizon also said that it should not be blamed: “We know that another operator has network problems. Calls from that operator may receive an error message.”

As of 6:02 PM EST, T-Mobile appeared to have resolved the issue, saying on Twitter that “data services are now available” and “some calls have been completed,” but there is no timetable for a comprehensive repair.

It is not clear what this problem might be. It makes sense that what appears to be a multi-network outage may originate from a single operator because the person reporting the failed call does not always know which operator the receiver is using.

Neville Ray, the company’s technology president, tweeted around 4 pm on Monday. T-Mobile engineers hope to solve “voice and data problems” in Eastern Daylight Time. At 6 pm, Lei said on Twitter that the data service has been backed up, but there are still problems with calls and text messages. He suggested that customers switch to WhatsApp, iMessage, and other communication tools.

After acquiring competitor Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon became one of the largest operators in the USA. The company has begun to integrate the two networks. And The Federal Communications Commission, which is responsible for voice and data networks, said it’s public safety agency is investigating the issue.

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