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T-Mobile delays Sprint’s plans to shut down its 3G network


According to T-Mobile, it will delay the shut-down of Sprint’s 3G network by three months to give its “partners” time to assist customers with the transition to its network.

The network was originally scheduled to shut down in January; the date has now been pushed to March 31st, 2022.

In T-Mobile’s statement, no specific reference is made to Dish Network, but it’s probably intended to be taken as a reference to it.

According to the company, some of those partners haven’t followed through on their responsibilities to help their customers through this transition. Hence, we are acting on behalf of those partners.

Dish chairman Charlie Ergen compared T-Mobile to the Grinch after it announced it would shut down Sprint’s CDMA network, and later said his company was doing everything it could to migrate its users.

Dish’s Boost Mobile customers have been affected by T-Mobile‘s decision to shut down Sprint’s legacy network, but the two sides have been at odds over the move.

Dish acquired Boost Mobile as part of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger in July, 2020 to take Sprint’s place as a fourth carrier in the U.S.

In a letter sent in July, the Department of Justice expressed “grave concerns” about Sprint’s closure of its legacy network, and urged both companies to reduce the impact of the shutdown on customers who still rely on it.

According to T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert in a blog post, Dish was “dragging their feet” when it came time to upgrade to 4G/5G.

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