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Steam now lets developers create game bundles


Developers can now create bundles on the Steam storefront by partnering with Valve. A blog post outlined a new feature called “DIY collaborative bundles” that allows users to group titles based on “common themes.”

There were already multi-developer bundles on Steam, but only ones chosen by the platform. Developers can now create bundles, share invitation links with other creators, and other creators can choose to add their own projects.

Participants then agree on bundle details, including name, royalty split, discount percentage, and other details.

While everyone has to approve later game additions, anyone can pull their game out unilaterally, and the owner of the bundle can change the description or art without approval – this is why Valve advises that you can trust the bundle owner.

Steam now lets developers create game bundles

A DIY bundle is described by Valve as a “co-marketing” option along with the option of dividing royalties on soundtracks. A publisher might rather sell a bundle of a game’s soundtrack instead of passing along proceeds.

Various platforms offer themed bundles, including the  Humble Bundle storefront, which helped popularize the model.


Using collaborative bundles made on itch.io especially, I cite examples such as Black Lives Matter or alternative indie releases to big-budget releases like Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition to an official Itch, that’s quite a bit. Over $8.1 million was raised by the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, coordinated by Io. This system, which is designed to help developers market their games together, might facilitate something similar.

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