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Steam is expanding Xbox controller support

XBox S

Steam’s latest Beta update adds new features to gamers using Xbox controllers. Xbox Elite controller users are one of the more interesting features. They can now use Valve’s software to bind accessory rear dials in the controller configuration.

This feature provides players with the flexibility of how to use additional inputs on the advanced controller.

Other updates to the Xbox controller include the ability to bind the sharing button of the X-series gamepads to the controller configuration, and the ability to use more than four Xbox controllers on Steam at once.

XBox S

Also added support for trigger rumble for games that use Windows.Gaming.Input API.

The Steam Beta client also provides a new drop-down menu for PS5 controller users, allowing them to customize the controller’s LED.

It can now be permanently enabled or disabled, or only enabled when multiple controllers are connected.

The update also adds support for the Wooting Two keyboard, which has a function similar to the analog key input.

Currently, these new features are only available in Steam’s Beta client. You can choose to enable these new features by entering the “Settings” menu, selecting “Account”, and then using the drop-down menu in the “Beta Participation” section.

You also need to enable the Xbox controller function in the “General Controller Settings” section of Steam Settings, and you need to install a driver.

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