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Starting next year, you will not be able to watch HBO on the Amazon channel platform

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Amazon and HBO owner WarnerMedia finally reached an agreement this week to introduce HBO Max to Amazon Fire TV devices, which is nearly six months after the first launch of the streaming service. However, according to CNBC reports, as part of the agreement, Amazon will remove HBO from Amazon’s Prime Video Channels selection starting next year.

Amazon Prime Video Channels allow you to subscribe to individual streaming channels every month and watch them on Amazon. But the HBO Prime video channel is different from HBO Max.

HBO Max provides everything that a normal HBO subscription can provide, as well as other movies, shows, and original dramas.

hbo page

As WarnerMedia is trying to build a subscriber base for HBO Max, the company seems to want to remove some ways to watch standard HBO channels online. Moreover, when HBO disappears from Amazon Prime Video Channels, this will not be the first time WarnerMedia has removed HBO from the a la carte channel platform: the company has canceled HBO on the Apple TV Channels platform since the launch of HBO Max in May.

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